I’m a constitutional conservative that will hit the ground running to get work done on a host of national issues for the Floridians of District 6.  Importantly, as a Veteran who worked in the Pentagon and White House, I know how to get things done and won’t take years to figure out how to get meaningful legislation passed.   

National Security

As a combat decorated Green Beret with tours in Afghanistan, Niger, and across the Middle East, national security will be my top priority as a member of Congress. I have seen the enemy face to face, and know that the war we are in is not only a war of military force, it is a war of ideology. President Trump issued a strong and thoughtful National Security Strategy that realistically takes on Russia and China as competitors in the world along with Iran and North Korea as rogue states.

Commercial Space to Volusia County

I will make bringing the commercial space industry to Volusia county a priority effort in Congress.  The Shiloh space port was built by NASA years ago and is ready to serve as a hub for the booming space flight industry. Commercial space flight is a win for national security and for high tech jobs for the district.

Economy and Jobs

As a small business owner I have created hundreds of jobs and know first-hand the benefits of President Trump's tax relief and de-regulation.  We must fight for working families by expanding opportunities and creating an economic environment that allows for job growth.

Replace Obamacare

As a small business owner I have been forced to announce premium increases and impose high deductibles for the past four years to my employees. Although Obamacare is crumbling under its own weight, Congress must put forward a solution that addresses the back breaking cost of medical care.  Its hurting American wallets, ballooning our national debt through entitlements and is the fastest growing part of the defense budget.


I will fight for a strong U.S. - Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the Unites States and oppose Iran's malign activities across the middle east and around the world.

Reform Veterans Affairs (VA)

We are losing over a dozen Veterans per day to suicide from post-traumatic stress and brain injuries.  Every Veteran who the VA serves must be treated as the most important veteran to ever be served. It’s absolutely unacceptable.

Secure the Border and Fix Immigration

We all know that our immigration system, illegal and legal, is broken. Politicians in Washington don’t have the will to fix it. For starters, we must secure the border. That begins with a holistic approach to fence, more border patrol agents, and unmanned aerial surveillance.

Second Amendment

I have carried a rifle and a pistol for most of my adult life, and fired both in defense of every American and myself.

Rebuild Our Military

Our military’s readiness to fight is suffering after 16 years of fighting in the middle east.  Planes are crashing at an unprecedented rate. As a combat veteran, I understand in order to keep America safe, we must maintain the most prepared, well trained, and strongest military in the world.

Defend Life

I’m a strong supporter of the right to life. I believe we must defend life at every stage and protect the most vulnerable members of our society.