John Rutherford backs Michael Waltz in Florida’s 6th Congressional District

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U.S. Rep. John Rutherford, a former three-term Jacksonville Sheriff and current first-term Congressman, endorsed Lt. Col. Michael Waltz in the competitive Republican primary in Florida’s 6th Congressional District Thursday.

Rutherford and Waltz share some of the same political advisors; the endorsement makes clear that they share a kindred ideological vision as well.

“Michael Waltz is a conservative and a patriot. Having served multiple combat tours as a special forces commander, Michael knows what its like to defend the Constitution and keep our country and families safe. I’m proud to endorse his campaign for Congress and look forward to working together with him and President Trump to deliver for the People of Florida and America,” asserted Rutherford.
“Congressman Rutherford is a conservative leader who has worked every day to enact President Trump’s agenda for America. He is a champion of our Second Amendment rights, our law enforcement and veterans, and maintaining a strong national defense. I’m greatly honored to have his support and look forward to working alongside Congressman Rutherford as we fight for our nation’s future,” Waltz asserted.

Currently, there are three candidates on the Republican side of the race to replace Ron DeSantis.

Ward, a Ponte Vedra businessman, is the cash leader with $709,340 on hand compared to $653,354 on hand for Waltz. However, Waltz is amassing more high-profile endorsements, including that of Rutherford, St. Johns Sheriff David Shoar, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams, and Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri.

One big endorsement awaits: DeSantis has yet to go public with a chosen successor.

Ward and Waltz thus far have demonstrated the most fundraising ability on the Republican side. Former state Rep. Fred Costello has $15,720 on hand.

One Democrat, in terms of fundraising, is in the Ward/Waltz neighborhood.

Nancy Soderberg, a former Ambassador to the United Nations under Bill Clinton, has $595,000 on hand. She is keeping pace with the Republicans, without spending her own money on the campaign so far.

Another Democrat, Stephen Sevigny, has $227,000 on hand.

The 6th Congressional District runs from St. Johns to Volusia counties. It is expected to be a competitive general election this year.

Originally posted in FloridaPolitics